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Alexey Ivanov / Enhancing the quality of human connection.
April 2016

Alex Ivanov is an innovation designer originally from Russia currently working with Philips design in the Netherlands, having previously worked with IDEO in Boston and studied at Hyper Island.  He is also the author of Team Canvas
We discussed enhancing the quality of human connection through design. 
The benefits of personal reflection and also of group reflection;  the daily practice of presence meditation;  the importace of keeping a journal;  the human sources of energy and the facilitation of co-creation.  //  medium

Alexey Ivanov -  Journal

Alexey Ivanov -  Journal



A group conversation with Ben Vickers and Katalin Hausel part of the social innovation project The unMonastery in Matera, Italy. 
This is an ambitious and radical project drawing inspiration from the 10th century monastic life and hacker spaces.  UnMonastery encourages radical forms of collaboration in an off-grid format with a new kind of social space of co-living and co-working.  The setup aims to address interlinked challenges of empty space, unemployment and depleting social services by embedding creative and skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from their presence.