Why We Need Fluid Design Education

*Preview: Why We Need Fluid Design Education*


I came to Berlin in September to help design a university with new learning model.

Last week we closed the first year with the first class. We worked together with 10 students who facilitated an ideation workshop with 10 corporate partners on what projects we want to collaborate. Most importantly, what draws meaning to them.

Feeling proud of all our future designers, makers, entrepreneurs, hackers of life and creativity. Taking ownership. Crafting at CODE University of Applied Sciences

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Design For Qualities / Dubai / join my workshop April 2018

Together with AstroLabs Dubai I'm hosting the first introduction workshop DESIGN FOR QUALITIES

(the child of my PhD research)

How your products – services can amplify qualities of sustainability in the experience economy.

Open to any company that wants to learn about a new paradigm of designing for sustainability & impact in the age of emerging tech.

Can't wait to meet the community out there!

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impactboom.org interview // February 2018

impact boom in Australia asked me some poignant questions and gave me a wonderful opportunity to share thoughts of my practice lately including #DesignDharma book project and the soon-to-be-launched service #DesignForQualities  


Shared about some meaningful projects and learnings of lately.

You can read here

Facilitating a design bootcamp for school teachers / Egypt / January 2018

What happens when teachers from all over the world come together to discover how simple creative problem solving can change the conditions of their own teaching context?  What happens when they learn to connect deeper to their local communities and undercurrent challenges? What happens when school teachers facilitate students to explore their local communities through simple design tools?

Some of the questions I will be exploring in Luxor Egypt this month with a group of stellar designers and facilitators.

Organised by Challenge 4 Change LTD
Facilitated by senior designers & educators with a solid worldview.
Our collective experience: IDEO / Kiva / Harvard University / Stanford University  /  United Nations Development Programme - UNDP / American University Cairo

Design tools for school teachers
<3 I cant wait to see what unravels with this group of people.

Speaking at Disruptive Innovation Festival / November, 2017 London


November 15th I contribute to Disruptive Innovation Festival -- Join us online here

My talk shares insights on why Designers should empower people not formally trained as designers, to design themselves.

Another drop of PhD research.  Super excited to see so many design discussions on this menu!

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World Design Summit / October 2017, Canada

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Looking forward to speak and share my research outcome at the World Design Summit, 18th October 2017, Montreal Canada.

In the track 'Design for Beauty' my talk will be based on the framework 'qualities of sustainability' and I will share examples of small businesses I worked with during the research and how these foster qualities of sustainability through their communications.

What is she doing now that she is here?

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Dear Community,
A thought to share that I am excitingly exploring new professional adventures! Over the last few weeks, after completing my PhD thesis, I took my time to transition. Now, I have opened up more space for collaborations, new business and to co-create meaning. This note serves to share the things I am creating and the opportunities I am seeking as designer-researcher. Here is an invitation.


Mentor for Civic Innovation Fellowship / Manila, Philippines

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Excited to join Five by Five as a Mentor to the fellows exploring solutions towards major challenges in Metro Manila, Philippines.

About Civic Innovation Fellowship
What happens when bright young minds are given two weeks of funding, tools, space and mentorship to start prototyping the change they want to see in their city?

About Five by Five
An international innovation consultancy, with one foot in the world of large organizations and the other in that of startups. We help organizations of all stripes--corporates, international organizations and government institutions--understand how startups work, how to work with them and how to work like them. Our portfolio includes blue chip players such as Google, SNCF, BNP Paribas and The World Bank.

PhD Thesis submission

After 13 months writing and challenged by my dyslexia, amongst life's eventful forces, the thesis was finally complete and submitted at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

"Design for Communication:  a collaborative practice to amplify the qualities of sustainability." 
A research degree project at the cross of communication design and social innovation for sustainability, strategy, design thinking, co-creation methods.

Defence will happen in September and my examiners will be Paul Micklethwaite and Peter Hall.

Speaking at Hubud, Bali, Indonesia

Sharing the key research outcomes with a collective of impact driven businesses.

Beyond "sustainability"
Many businesses today have at heart principles of impact, whether social, environmental, cultural or ethical. Such principles often are (and should be) embedded in the business service model to become seamless. More often, we find these principles make up components of the brand and communications to public.

This session will overview insights from a four-year research project in communication design and sustainability. It will share examples of best practices in experiential communication design from businesses around the world in the area of sustainable food innovation across various cities (London, San francisco, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mumbai). 

What you will learn:
- commonalities found between startups and social enterprises to amplify engagement
- the qualities of sustainability as a concept of experience design
- current and most used communication strategies to amplify sustainability

About the speaker:
Joana Casaca Lemos is a hybrid design strategist. Working at the intersection of communications, co-creation methods and sustainability as flourishing. A PhD in design research at Central Saint Martins London (2017) and creator of 'Communications Assembly', a method developed to empower small-scale biz. She runs a location independent practice and collaborates with various organisations, facilitates trainings in design for the likes of, General Assembly, National Institute of Design India and Designmatters California. An ambassador of Sandbox Network and fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Interview on 21st Century Design Podcast

21st Century Design is a research podcast by Engage by Design (Rodrigo Bautista) and Regenerative Design (Jan Leyssens), in which we ask designers, tech-experts, writers, theorists, academics, activists and campaigners 5 questions on the future and role of design in creating the 21st Century.

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