1.618 sustainable

1.618 Events (names itself after the Golden Ration, nature's perfect number)  Produced 'Sustainable Luxury' (At Palais de Tokyo Paris May 2010) an exhibition that will present art works and artists’ points of view to draw the visitors’ attention to issues of consumption and Sustainable Development.Sustainable Luxury - but a "different" Luxury! According to 1.618 today’s Luxury is foremost ethical, creative, essential, aesthetic and immaterial.  Therefor  the issues of Sustainable Development force us to be even more creative and inventive, 1.618 selects its exhibitors among different domains that take part in defining tomorrow’s Luxury selected by a committee (NGO, sociologists, consultants…).


/ A reflection of society’s transformations. / Research and innovation. / The will to preserve and respect natural resources. / The discovery of oneself through the object’s appreciation. / The expression of a creative imagination. / The respect of human rights. / The preservation of know-how.