Ethical Practices workshop / Stockholm Oct 2019

Heading to Stockholm to facilitate a workshop for business and engineering students. The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship is a design-driven academic laboratory connecting top universities in Sweden in order to experiment with the future of education. 

Develop your understanding of the ethical implications of your product or service and learn how to think and act more consciously.

In the age of exponential technologies and uncertain futures we need to deepen our awareness of the ethical principles that guide us in developing our new products and services. During this workshop we will provide you with a space for critical thinking and dialogue about how to understand and leverage from the vast array of ethical practices, frameworks and tools that are at your disposal to define and guide your own projects. We will also explore what’s next for humane technology, what it really means to create a socially and environmentally conscious organization and how technology can be used as a tool to amplify these efforts.

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