"A Manifesto on Potential: potential is an egg."

This is a potential manifesto on potential. Potential is part of nature, raw and pure. It is the capability of being but not yet in existence, something that is latent, the inherent capacity for coming into being. It is expected to become, it's possible, likely, probable, prospect. Potential is not «waiting for it». It is the ability of anything to become something. To have the possibility, the power and the will, for growth, development; for transforming into being and existing. Potential is omnipresent, in all things real, surreal, unreal. There's a path between discovering the potential and developing it, and this is where things may get blurry and often lost as a result of the vastness “everything is possible”. Potential is nothing until it becomes something. Undeveloped, it has no shape, form nor content, and we can't really refer to it or name it anything, really. Hypothetically, it is an egg.  Call it an embryo, a cell, food, which ever, I call it pure potential. The egg is the beginning of «all things possible», if you look at it from the perspective of how much use you can get from it.  You could fry it, boil, scramble on its own, or added to other ingredients you get to generate totally different things; omelets, tortillas... cakes even! And we must not forget, had humans not identified egg as food and chosen to eat it, and had nature taken its course, it would have developed and grown into a bird. What else could we get out if an egg? Such potential! When it comes to humans, it cannot be simplified as the egg.  I can tell you that humans have the potential to analyze an egg and think «there could be more to this than a bird!» then experiment, trial and error, and come up with solutions to get the most out of it (i.e.. Boil, fry, scramble). Who ever came up with scrambling an egg made a huge contribution to society and daily life, especially breakfast. It might not be hard to identify the potential in things that exist physically in the real world, but its much harder to identify the potential inside everyone of us, humans.  The «inner voice», the essence, the reason for existing.  Existence is potential.

We are all 100% responsible for searching for that potential through the choices we make and the experiences we have, because you might have the potential to make a crucial contribution to our breakfast.

Take it and turn it into something, let it physically exist in the real world.  They might say, «oh so and so has such potential!» well that potential is worthless if not put to use, its life out the window, liberty down the toilet, and pursuit of happiness in the trash. Potential comes from within, say it be in the genes, the spirit, the essence, whatever. On the flip side, potential is subjective, impartial and redundant. So in the end, really, this text might be potentially meaningless.