journal interview // February 2018

impact boom in Australia asked me some poignant questions and gave me a wonderful opportunity to share thoughts of my practice lately including #DesignDharma book project and the soon-to-be-launched service #DesignForQualities  


Shared about some meaningful projects and learnings of lately.

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Facilitating a design bootcamp for school teachers / Egypt / January 2018

What happens when teachers from all over the world come together to discover how simple creative problem solving can change the conditions of their own teaching context?  What happens when they learn to connect deeper to their local communities and undercurrent challenges? What happens when school teachers facilitate students to explore their local communities through simple design tools?

Some of the questions I will be exploring in Luxor Egypt this month with a group of stellar designers and facilitators.

Organised by Challenge 4 Change LTD
Facilitated by senior designers & educators with a solid worldview.
Our collective experience: IDEO / Kiva / Harvard University / Stanford University  /  United Nations Development Programme - UNDP / American University Cairo

Design tools for school teachers
<3 I cant wait to see what unravels with this group of people.

Speaking at Disruptive Innovation Festival / November, 2017 London


November 15th I contribute to Disruptive Innovation Festival -- Join us online here

My talk shares insights on why Designers should empower people not formally trained as designers, to design themselves.

Another drop of PhD research.  Super excited to see so many design discussions on this menu!

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Interview on 21st Century Design Podcast

21st Century Design is a research podcast by Engage by Design (Rodrigo Bautista) and Regenerative Design (Jan Leyssens), in which we ask designers, tech-experts, writers, theorists, academics, activists and campaigners 5 questions on the future and role of design in creating the 21st Century.

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Speaking at CreativeMornings/London Feb. 3. 2017

Joana Casaca Lemos
February 3, 8:30am - 10:00am GMT. Hosted at General Assembly Part of a series on Moments

Joana is a communication designer and PhD in design research at Central Saint Martins. Her practice focuses on communications, sustainability and co-creation.

On her journey she’s worked with an eclectic range of people from coffee farmers to nanotech startups. She’s had the pleasure to collaborate with Doi Tung Sustainable Development in Thailand, Green School in Bali, Forum for the Future, Hyper Island, General Assembly, IDEO U and Tate Modern. Alongside, volunteer mentor to young women in conflict zones at WEDU, ambassador of Thousand Network, and fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

She is the author of “Assemblage”, the communications strategy tool designed to empower small-scale businesses. As a hybrid in design & philosophy, she advocates for nomadism, sustainable futures and the human spirit by exploring “Design Dharma”.

At Creative Mornings under the theme Moments, she will unravel a series of epiphanies emerged out of commitment to a four-year solo research project with 20 start-ups across 3 continents. The conundrum of research as a mesearch: the process of design and the process of becoming.


Ozone Coffee Roasters is a well-established specialty coffee roastery committed to all facets of coffee excellence.


Hi folks! As per usual doors open at 8.30 for coffee, breakfast and chats and the talk kicks off at 9am sharp!

Future Designers: JOANA CASACA LEMOS — The Cross+ng

I was interviewed for Central Saint Martins publication The Cross+ng and got to say a couple things relevant for the Now.

"There is what I call 'design intelligence' which is not something that you can download or buy as a kit. There is an intelligence in the design process that you can only learn through practice, over and over again. That takes time and cannot be replaced"

"If we grow a distance between Designers and the World then we undermine their very reason for existing!"

stories. all the shit that comes up.

“the story becomes the thing we tell ourselves the next time we need to make a choice.” arrived in my inbox this morning from Seth Godin.

A life choice is like a design process choice.

And if we see life as just a happening, like Alan Watts described [among others] a collection of events that will inevitably take place, the learning we are here to do is how to respond, interpret and derive meaning from as to design our next interaction [intervention rather].

These memories Seth Godin refers to will ultimately be what we store in our intelligent hard body [as well as our soft body]. The stories Seth mentions is exactly the ‘shit’ that comes up in introspective meditative practices.

Sometime ago in Bali a friend poignantly asked “Ok great, all this shit has come up, so now what am i supposed to do with it?” Re-design your brief.

ps. Seth is on my list of people I want to meet in my lifetime, hint hint ♥

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