stories. all the shit that comes up.

“the story becomes the thing we tell ourselves the next time we need to make a choice.” arrived in my inbox this morning from Seth Godin.

A life choice is like a design process choice.

And if we see life as just a happening, like Alan Watts described [among others] a collection of events that will inevitably take place, the learning we are here to do is how to respond, interpret and derive meaning from as to design our next interaction [intervention rather].

These memories Seth Godin refers to will ultimately be what we store in our intelligent hard body [as well as our soft body]. The stories Seth mentions is exactly the ‘shit’ that comes up in introspective meditative practices.

Sometime ago in Bali a friend poignantly asked “Ok great, all this shit has come up, so now what am i supposed to do with it?” Re-design your brief.

ps. Seth is on my list of people I want to meet in my lifetime, hint hint ♥

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