Environment Awards and Awards Environment

This week I attended Portugal's event of European Business Awards for the Environment - which is the selection of Portugal's companies with best environmental practices, which will then run up against the best of European countries in 2012 for the European Award. On a first note, I will stress the fact of location, location, location. I believe if we are awarding and promoting a sustainable environment, then the environment it's set in should inspire us accordingly - and for Lisbon it can't get much better than Museu da Electricidade, at river-front, on a beautiful winter afternoon.

On a second note, I must stress the idea that if we want people on-board the sustainable wind-powered wagon, then sustainability must be sexy.  I know this is a risky statement.  But, sadly for some, simply keeping our environment healthy is no longer enough of an appealing thing.

Having said this, the communication for this event was based on the graphics for the Awards on an European level - which I'm even afraid to say - is utterly not appealing.  It is true that companies' wanting to "do the right thing" should be honest and ideally image should not matter. But, in my opinion, the ones doing the right thing should be rewarded for it in all levels - and that including exposure in a event with the best of contemporary graphic design and digital presentation.

In sum, the best of contemporary design should be allying with the best of sustainable development.

It is utmost important to make the good exemplary ones, look great.