ikea tries to keep score

There has been lots of hype around Ikea's "score card" for sustainable design idea like HERE, HERE and HERE.  Aspects within sustainability being so intangible to grasp, I would like to see how they visually will communicate this.By 2015 IKEA wants 90% of its sales of home items to be "more sustainable".  For this products have to have more sustainability aspects than previous versions. IKEA wants all of its home products to be recyclable or made with renewable or recycled materials.  However, it doesn't yet have any clarification as to where on that path they are. It is an internal score card for measuring how sustainable Ikea products are taking into consideration aspects such as; From 2010 sustainability report:

INTRODUCING THE IKEA SUSTAINABILITY PRODUCT SCORE CARD A new tool for more sustainable product development and purchasing has been developed for introduction during FY11. The IKEA Sustainability Product Score Card will help classify the IKEA home furnishing range. It will steer us towards selecting the best possible alternatives within 11 criteria that have an impact on a product’s sustainability profile throughout its life-cycle. IKEA Sustainability Product Score Card criteria, in brief: • More from less (using less material in the product) • Renewable material • Recycled material • Environmentally better material • Separable & recyclable material • Product quality • Transport efficiency (number of products per container) • Energy efficient production • Renewable energy in production • Raw material utilization at suppliers • Product use (less use of energy and water, and less waste in customers’ homes)