Nike's new CSR

First week of 2011 Nike launches Nike Better world with provocative statement: Don't Tell Us What We Can't Do - CSR from environmental initiatives to socially focused sports leagues. In collaboration with GreenXchange and Creative Commons Nike shares information about manufacturing, materials, patents with other companies. All in all great effort, but will consumers forget the "sweat shop era"?

For the 2010 FIFA World Cup, all Nike’s federations jerseys were made of 8 plastic bottles.  In the last year alone, Nike doubled its use of recycled polyester, saving 82 million plastic bottles from landfill. If all apparel companies committed to converting one third of their polyester garments to recycled polyester, the demand for recycled polyester would be greater than the annual production of plastic bottles, diverting PET bottles from landfill.

"Environmental Apparel Design Tool aims to accelerate collaboration between companies, fast-track sustainable innovation and decrease the use of natural resources like oil and water."