PhD Research Week 13 Y2

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John Thackara visits the Sandbox Community This was a session carried out at the Sandbox Network space, where we invited a mentor to come speak to a few of us engaged in sustainability, design, technology.

The conversation focused mostly on the notion of storytelling, impact, communities.

Who decides what is impact?  Who decides who impacts who? As the notion of communities, whether of practice or of interest becomes increasingly important, also the consciousness of impact upon others and the world around us increasingly becomes important to reflect on.

There is a clear need for the current generation, whether due to the after effects of the economic crisis and social crisis, to collaborate and form new ways of working, thinking, making.  This provides a ground to build stories - whether of production, of thinking, of collaboration.  The role of the storyteller is also becoming increasingly important.  Particularly to transition into “whatever comes next” that we don't yet know.  The storyteller that shows things are unique to their place.  The understanding of our planetary limits.


For the New York Times Tim Harford article