PhD Research Week 14 Y2

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Justifying the field of alternative food initiatives When addressing communication design we must acknowledge that communication is a sensorial experience. Food is also a sensorial experience, which promotes a biological connection of man with the natural world.  So in terms of this research, this ground provides the ideal space in which to explore the research questions proposed.

The fact that food is also a social activity, creating opportunities for community, sharing and building relationships, also allows a good exploration of to what extent Communication Design can facilitate/accelerate conversations.

The anticipation of food consumption is also an area where Communication Design happens.  The packaging is part of the overall experience with food.  In this sense the ‘expanded field’ of Communication Design must also recognize the visual elements as important for analysis.  Elements such as brand and graphics should also be acknowledged as part of the overall unification of communication.  Although I am interested particularly in this notion of an ‘expanded field’ of communication design, the more tangible elements such as brand and graphics, cannot be disregarded from the beginning – it is through acknowledging and identifying those that the ‘expanded’ communication can be justified.


Mapping AFI’s onto an axis exploring different themes.