PhD research week 21

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This week I have been preparing my abstract for the first peer presentation due end of June.  I highlight a talk I went to at Tate Modern, part of Global Citizenship 2013 (pre-G8 summit this month).

The Forum: Expressions of Globalisation, Tate Modern BBC World Service and Cultural Forum 2013 Global Citizenship event

Speakers: Ben Okri, NoViolet Bulawayo, Pratap Bhanu Mehta Chair: Bridget Kendall

Ben Okri suggested we need new words inestead of 'globalisation'.  We need a new language to describe this new form of "connectedness", a new discourse.

Pratap Nhanu Mehta called a "shared consciousness", it is about more than language, we need to believe there is a shared world we inhabit.

It is not possible to create a single language.  VISION > LANGUAGE > REALITY "the limit of your language is the limite of your world" Ben Okri

New forms of language are forming, for example the language used in the riots we now see common throughout the world, did not exist before - necessity creates new language. The moment we join 2 words together - like Human Rights - we create a new concept that did not exist before.