PhD research week 22

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A visit to The People's Kitchen, Hackney, London

This was the first time  I visited and took part in, a communal cooking session.  Thank you to my foodie friend Alessanda Bossi for taking me along on this discovery.  The People's Kitchen runs every sunday afternoon/evening, collaboratively cooking with food surplus from local shops who deliver weekly.  Anyone is welcome to take part, signing up the terms of agreement, and with a creative idea to come up with a dish with the ingredients available!  It was a great experience, chatting with people from all backgrounds and professions, over chopping onions and peeling apples. This community of practice is clearly expanding, as people feel the need to connect with others.  Food is the medium by which conversations begin, of where are you from and what do you do, ending in topics which clearly bind these people, in acts of empathy.