PhD Research week 3


Some of this weeks research references:  

"Pineapple" a Film by Amos Gitai "One day, when I opened my refrigerator, I looked closely at a can of pineapple. It had been "made in the Philippines," "packaged in Honolulu," "distributed in San Francisco" and the label "printed in Japan". This was a concrete illustration of the multinational economy... Pineapple is a little like House: a microcosm that allows me to tell a story and deal with the issue of the Third Word." *I'm trying to find this documentary*


Ezio Manzini - Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability "food is not a man made product, food is a product which we have a physical, biological relationship with. "farms are not only the place where we generate what is most important for the survival of our humanity but it is also where we have contact with the earth... so farmers are very important for the life of each one of us and human community."

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Slavo Zizek on "living healthy"

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