phd research week 36

manifesto copy

Lecture of Jorge Frascara -  in Visual Communications Theory: On Information Design, Slovenia 2010

1 Design is not concerned with objects, but with the impact that those objects have on people 2 Operational impact and cultural impact 3 Not transmitter-receiver, but producer-interpreter 4 Partnership - Negotiation 5 Relevance 6 Planning and self-organization 7 Problem solving vs. problem reducing 8 Reducing problems vs. identifying problems 9 Form, materials and self-expression vs. content and context 10 Design as product vs. design as process (iterative design) 11 Debate vs. conversation 12 The hidden dimensions of the economy: design as investment 13 From the design of objects to the design of situations and activities: The dematerialization of design.

Endnote: Look on the Dark Side: Kyra Maya Phillips of "Misfit Economy"