PhD research week 49

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This week I recieved confirmation that the University's sub-committee has approved of  my PhD Research proposal, which means that from here onwards I will be solely following the programme which is now established (Yay!!) Title: Communication Design for Sustainability: Exploring the Role of Communication Design in Catalyzing Engagement and Participation

Abstract: The importance of designing communication to facilitate action and dialogue towards sustainable living is widely acknowledged.  Sustainability is understood in this research as a dynamic process (Forum For the Future, 2001) enabling communities to realize their potential and quality of life through initiatives that foster social, economic, ecological and cultural resilience.  However, guidance for communication designers relating to sustainability is greatly focused on how to make their practices more sustainable e.g. materials and production processes.  This research explores the ways in which communication design itself can catalyse behaviour change for more sustainable ways of living.  Communication design is here interpreted as an expanded practice of form and message; beyond graphic communication to embrace interaction and experience design. The research focuses on communication design for sustainability rather than sustainable communication design.  This expanded understanding of sustainability, of the complex and networked interactions that determine societal outcomes, signposts a role for an expanded practice of communication design that considers its means (processes) and ends (products), and which can further empower sustainability initiatives.  The research is situated within the “socially responsive design” practice approach (Thorpe and Gamman, 2011)  applying an iterative, collaborative methodology (with stakeholders) for the development of a framework that can articulate and understand communication design for sustainability.


Shortly I will set-up the PhD Research section of the website where I will begin sharing insight into the research programme.