book making

"On Divergence and Convergence" Research Book1

researchjournal20142 copy

This book was produced as part of my first PhD year.It is the research journal containing thoughts, experiements, interviews, reflections, important content to the research.  My practice as a communication designer implies a structured, and messy at the same time, documentation of my work.

On Divergence and Convergence is the title to a year which resembled a DNA strand of intertwining discoveries and nuances of colliding ideas.

PhD Research Week 6 Y2

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This week I indulged into the bookbinding of my research journal of year 1.  This is part of my methodology and has been my way of working since 2008.  I inherited the taste for research journal making through my dear Masters supervisor Tracey Waller. The book is sectioned into weekly summaries, overviews of talks and workshops, a quote section and a glossary of terms used within my research.

It was printed by FE Burman print house and bound by Wyvern's in London.  I will share further images and key spreads soon!