Hyper Island x Startup Weekend


Last weekend I had a great time mentoring the brilliant teams of startup weekend x hyper island.It highlited to me something that is so dear to my understanding of the potential of collaborative design work, and what happens when strangers come together to co-create. The interactive process of startup weekend is a brilliant way to quickly prototype new products and services in 48H, and the hyper island design process [thinking and doing] complements it very well. I would like to learn more and explore the tools and methods used.

Crafting Sustainability


A collaboration in Photography and Communication Design

on-going project with photographer Katherine Needles

Drawing the viewer in closely using intimate forms of sound and analogue photography, we tell the stories of the craftsman within the sustainable food movement. Informal conversations are played alongside a collection of slides as an alternative documentation to  magnify the essence of those who are revolutionizing the way we eat.

Showcased at "Surprise & Serendipity" research event organised by University of the Arts students 23 April 2015 at Apiary Studios

PhD Workshop: designing narratives positive impact


Workshop: Designing Narratives of Positive ImpactPart of doctoral research "Communication Design for Sustainability" Kindly hosted by General Assembly at Second Home London

This workshop explored a practical tool currently in development as part my research . The aim of is to empower small-scalebusinesses with a focus on sustainability to articulate and communicate narratives of positive impact through their own means.

In this practical and dynamic session, the group collaborated with sustainable food businesses Soleshare, Bloombox Salads, Rubies in the Rubble and Ubuntu Chocolate.