PhD Research Week 7 Y2

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Talk:  Green Week at London College of Communication Nat Hunter and Sevra Davis of The RSA Stephen Corry Survival International Dr Bob Bloomfield Bio-Diverse Antrim Caskey Photographer and activist Peter Cusack LCC Sound Arts Ciril Jazbec Photographer James Morgan Photographer Danielle Pafford CAT Jim Wickens Film

I attended a couple of conferences during green week which were extremely interesting for my research. The different ways in which the sustainability of nature, social has been recoded and communicated. Peter Cusak of LCC sound arts presented an interesting project of the recordings of Chernobyl execution zone.  It made me question the extent in which emotions towards “sustainability” issues.

What if communication design for sustainability can take diferent mediums to communicate the message, beyond visual? What are the alternative ways for communication design to transmit the sustainability message?

The project “liberate Tate” raised for me several questions.  It is difficult to represent the notion of climate change, we can only focus on the small stories that people can understand.  The power of visual to captivate in order to explain the facts.

PhD Research Week 4 Y2

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Workshop at Hub Westminster:   Opening Up Product Data - Empowering Consumers with Open Data This workshop event was an interesting perspective on the notion of open data and participative consumers.  It made me think of how communication design can allow consumer and producer to have a conversation, through which not only product data becomes open and transparent, but also, builds meaning into the product and experience.

Provenance is a new company with an interesting approach to this issue of product open data.  I think there is room to innovate the approach to how this ‘conversation’ between producer and consumer is designed at the moment.


Vlad Trifa Co-founder and CPO of EVRYTHNG Jessi Baker Co-Founder of Provenance Chris Taggart Co-founder & CEO of OpenCorporates Jonathan Schifferes Senior Reserach at the RSA Retail 2020 Katelyn Rogers Open Knowledge Foundation