Mentor for Civic Innovation Fellowship / Manila, Philippines

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Excited to join Five by Five as a Mentor to the fellows exploring solutions towards major challenges in Metro Manila, Philippines.

About Civic Innovation Fellowship
What happens when bright young minds are given two weeks of funding, tools, space and mentorship to start prototyping the change they want to see in their city?

About Five by Five
An international innovation consultancy, with one foot in the world of large organizations and the other in that of startups. We help organizations of all stripes--corporates, international organizations and government institutions--understand how startups work, how to work with them and how to work like them. Our portfolio includes blue chip players such as Google, SNCF, BNP Paribas and The World Bank.

Hyper Island x Startup Weekend


Last weekend I had a great time mentoring the brilliant teams of startup weekend x hyper island.It highlited to me something that is so dear to my understanding of the potential of collaborative design work, and what happens when strangers come together to co-create. The interactive process of startup weekend is a brilliant way to quickly prototype new products and services in 48H, and the hyper island design process [thinking and doing] complements it very well. I would like to learn more and explore the tools and methods used.