London Sustainability Jam

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I participated for the first time in a jam of this sort.  London Sustainability Jam was one of multiple simultaneous 'jams' across the globe, which make up the Global Sustainability Jam, a creative design-thinking initiative to tackle in 48H some of the worlds most wicked problems. my team: Camille (NGO Partnerships Manager),  Merryl (Creative Brand Planner), Rohan (Social Entrepreneurship), Tracy  (Sustainable Designer), Kitty (E-Learning).


Keywords throughout our project development:

Multiplicity Experimentation People Centred Tech Hyper-Connectivity The Global Village People centred vs. profit orientated - people centred business


Project: "Beyond Tea and Biscuits" 

Our project focused on the mentioning process of the future "silver economy".  In a future society of 2030 where the largest population group will be 'senior' or 'retired', what is the role of this older generation in business for social good? What is the importance of knowledge heritage from the older generations? How to use business as a diver for social change?  How to engage older generations with the younger?


* a full showcase of this project soon.