Speaking at Disruptive Innovation Festival / November, 2017 London


November 15th I contribute to Disruptive Innovation Festival -- Join us online here

My talk shares insights on why Designers should empower people not formally trained as designers, to design themselves.

Another drop of PhD research.  Super excited to see so many design discussions on this menu!

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World Design Summit / October 2017, Canada

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Looking forward to speak and share my research outcome at the World Design Summit, 18th October 2017, Montreal Canada.

In the track 'Design for Beauty' my talk will be based on the framework 'qualities of sustainability' and I will share examples of small businesses I worked with during the research and how these foster qualities of sustainability through their communications.

Speaking at Hubud, Bali, Indonesia

Sharing the key research outcomes with a collective of impact driven businesses.

Beyond "sustainability"
Many businesses today have at heart principles of impact, whether social, environmental, cultural or ethical. Such principles often are (and should be) embedded in the business service model to become seamless. More often, we find these principles make up components of the brand and communications to public.

This session will overview insights from a four-year research project in communication design and sustainability. It will share examples of best practices in experiential communication design from businesses around the world in the area of sustainable food innovation across various cities (London, San francisco, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mumbai). 

What you will learn:
- commonalities found between startups and social enterprises to amplify engagement
- the qualities of sustainability as a concept of experience design
- current and most used communication strategies to amplify sustainability

About the speaker:
Joana Casaca Lemos is a hybrid design strategist. Working at the intersection of communications, co-creation methods and sustainability as flourishing. A PhD in design research at Central Saint Martins London (2017) and creator of 'Communications Assembly', a method developed to empower small-scale biz. She runs a location independent practice and collaborates with various organisations, facilitates trainings in design for the likes of, General Assembly, National Institute of Design India and Designmatters California. An ambassador of Sandbox Network and fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.