Design For Qualities / Dubai / join my workshop April 2018

Together with AstroLabs Dubai I'm hosting the first introduction workshop DESIGN FOR QUALITIES

(the child of my PhD research)

How your products – services can amplify qualities of sustainability in the experience economy.

Open to any company that wants to learn about a new paradigm of designing for sustainability & impact in the age of emerging tech.

Can't wait to meet the community out there!

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Facilitating a design bootcamp for school teachers / Egypt / January 2018

What happens when teachers from all over the world come together to discover how simple creative problem solving can change the conditions of their own teaching context?  What happens when they learn to connect deeper to their local communities and undercurrent challenges? What happens when school teachers facilitate students to explore their local communities through simple design tools?

Some of the questions I will be exploring in Luxor Egypt this month with a group of stellar designers and facilitators.

Organised by Challenge 4 Change LTD
Facilitated by senior designers & educators with a solid worldview.
Our collective experience: IDEO / Kiva / Harvard University / Stanford University  /  United Nations Development Programme - UNDP / American University Cairo

Design tools for school teachers
<3 I cant wait to see what unravels with this group of people.

"design the good life" Workshop at Digital Shoreditch

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A Workshop at Digital Shoreditch

11 May 2015

I ran a short session workshop at Digital Shoreditch, a very low-fi session with the aim to understand how do we Design For The Good Life.  What does the Good Life look like?  How do we manifest such values towards more sustainable ways of living in our creative practcices, interactions with clients and end consumers or users.

Through a dynamic and collaborative process the group explored, reflected, and critiqued a number of diferent expressions of how notions of the Good Life might be manifested.

Hyper Island x Startup Weekend


Last weekend I had a great time mentoring the brilliant teams of startup weekend x hyper island.It highlited to me something that is so dear to my understanding of the potential of collaborative design work, and what happens when strangers come together to co-create. The interactive process of startup weekend is a brilliant way to quickly prototype new products and services in 48H, and the hyper island design process [thinking and doing] complements it very well. I would like to learn more and explore the tools and methods used.

PhD Workshop: designing narratives positive impact


Workshop: Designing Narratives of Positive ImpactPart of doctoral research "Communication Design for Sustainability" Kindly hosted by General Assembly at Second Home London

This workshop explored a practical tool currently in development as part my research . The aim of is to empower small-scalebusinesses with a focus on sustainability to articulate and communicate narratives of positive impact through their own means.

In this practical and dynamic session, the group collaborated with sustainable food businesses Soleshare, Bloombox Salads, Rubies in the Rubble and Ubuntu Chocolate.

PhD Research Week 4 Y2

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Workshop at Hub Westminster:   Opening Up Product Data - Empowering Consumers with Open Data This workshop event was an interesting perspective on the notion of open data and participative consumers.  It made me think of how communication design can allow consumer and producer to have a conversation, through which not only product data becomes open and transparent, but also, builds meaning into the product and experience.

Provenance is a new company with an interesting approach to this issue of product open data.  I think there is room to innovate the approach to how this ‘conversation’ between producer and consumer is designed at the moment.


Vlad Trifa Co-founder and CPO of EVRYTHNG Jessi Baker Co-Founder of Provenance Chris Taggart Co-founder & CEO of OpenCorporates Jonathan Schifferes Senior Reserach at the RSA Retail 2020 Katelyn Rogers Open Knowledge Foundation

London Sustainability Jam

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I participated for the first time in a jam of this sort.  London Sustainability Jam was one of multiple simultaneous 'jams' across the globe, which make up the Global Sustainability Jam, a creative design-thinking initiative to tackle in 48H some of the worlds most wicked problems. my team: Camille (NGO Partnerships Manager),  Merryl (Creative Brand Planner), Rohan (Social Entrepreneurship), Tracy  (Sustainable Designer), Kitty (E-Learning).


Keywords throughout our project development:

Multiplicity Experimentation People Centred Tech Hyper-Connectivity The Global Village People centred vs. profit orientated - people centred business


Project: "Beyond Tea and Biscuits" 

Our project focused on the mentioning process of the future "silver economy".  In a future society of 2030 where the largest population group will be 'senior' or 'retired', what is the role of this older generation in business for social good? What is the importance of knowledge heritage from the older generations? How to use business as a diver for social change?  How to engage older generations with the younger?


* a full showcase of this project soon.