Tate Live Thought 4 'Beginnings and Endings'

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The collaboration with Tate Modern Live Thought Workshops draws to a conclusion.A final public discussion had a great panel featuring Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti; columnist and author of Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, Owen Jones; award-winning poet and novelist, Ben Okri; and musician and creative director of the Radiophonic Workshop, Matthew Herbert. Together we explored and debated the poignant question 'if you had a year to change something what would you do?' with these high-profile speakers from a range of disciplines including art, science, culture, politics and society.  You can watch the video of this session here


Tate live thought Workshop 4 'Beginnings and Endings'

The culmination of 9 months of thinking, exploring, talking about ideas for change making was beautifully captured by writer and journalist Justin Hopper and illustrator Florence Shaw, photographer Yemisi Blake.   The Thought Workshops team will make be making a book of our year long project. As usual in these very intense and immersive experiences, synergies develop between people that may be continued in future projects.  I certainly left with the sense that this project was a platform for future collaborations with like-minded people. There are a couple of important learnings I will take from this experience.  Being in the field of working within sustainability thinking I often participate in hackathons which enable creative thinking around the problems we face in our everyday.  This project was special in the sense that it included a wider audience, extremely eclectic and diverse in backgrounds, age ranges, origins.  This enabled for a much richer dialogue, taking aside all "expert jargon" and just focusing on people, a group of people, with the common interest of being proactive towards creating the future, and the present, they envision to be better.