Tate Live Thought 1 "Change"

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35 Strangers In A Room

This week I had a very interesting experience.  It was the first session at Tate Modern for Tate Live Thought workshop series I will be taking part, facilitated by Richard Gregory and Renny O’Shea, Artistic Directors of Quarantine.

With a group of 34 we met in Tate Modern's East Room to discuss our ideas for change and collaboratively think of how to resolve them.  On this first session we debated how “thinking has to stop and doing has to begin”.  Philosopher Dr Michael Brady from the University of Glasgow talked about ‘What We Might Think About When We Think About Change’.

What I will share here for now is limited until the content is made public by the Tate.  For now, I can say that it was a magnificent experience to be part of this extremely eclectic group of people, of all backgrounds, ages, country of origin, for an intense 10H Saturday where we debated all kinds of ideas for change ranging from gender issues to food sustainability.

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