Thanks, Mrs. Smith

Somedays I don't bless thinking for a living.  In fact, somedays I curse the right side of my brain and what it does entirely.  Days like these I end up in a sweat over the voice in my head that dwells over what an egg is.  Goes on and on about colour coordination, alignments, the way things fold and letters at the end of sentences.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Thats not the worse part.  Then it really peaks to rambling on issues of sustainability (if it can even spell that correctly), design ethics, social responsibility, whatever footprint... oh shut it.  Who cares where the grapes come from or who squashed them, let me enjoy my bloody wine! These are days when I'm not doing what I believe I should be doing. Days when I design an unlimited-budged-4-Pantone-die-cut -package for a client that will think of the profit as peanuts, and a CMYK-laser-print-spiral-bound-publication for another client whose profit will replace the non-exiting income.  These days are especially hard, if you think about it too much, it kind of makes you wish (for a split second) you were the person who plans which KFC bucket you're having for lunch, at 11:09am.

But then you run into people like Mrs Smith. Someone that magically reminds you, just before lunch, of why you signed up to think for a living 7 years ago.

Because you thought it is possible to change thinking.  To think all kinds of thinking - impossible thinking, unexpectedly thinking, absurd thinking..... and suddenly you think of pulling a Robin Hood on the Pantone vs Laser Print budget case.

All this action before lunch makes you hungry to think - thank goodness you didnt take the 7.5K brief to name a KFC burger.  Otherwise, you certainly would be dodging the cue down the sidewalk on the way to lunch, with Mrs Smith.