the space between Design and Art is The Nothing.

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“But what is remarkable is that, precisely in the way scientific man secures to himself what is most properly his, he speaks of something different. What should be examined are beings only, and besides that — nothing; beings alone, and further — nothing; solely beings, and beyond that — nothing. What about this nothing? [...] If science is right, then only one thing is sure: science wishes to know nothing of the nothing. Ultimately this is the scientifically rigorous conception of the nothing. We know it, the nothing, in that we wish to know nothing about it.“

  Martin Heidegger, ‘What is Metaphysics?’ in Basic Writings: From Being and Time to the Task of Thinking. Edited by David Farrell Krell. (Wiltshire: Taylor & Francis, 1978), 95-6.



A thought I am developing through my research.   My research touches intangible qualitative data, although approached through a design methodology, which can be argued to be 'scientific'.

Although I struggle with that.  I struggle with that because the space between design and art is that, design as a science does not allow space for the immaterial, as art does - the nothing.  The nothing is the space where you experience, nothing.  You experience awareness.  You experience the viscocity of time.

Sustainability is to care.  You need to care to be sustainable.  Sustainability is about caring that something is a part of you.

"... if such a direction is actually design at all, or if it is art. Faced with the significant challenges posed by sustainability, and the conventional role of design in fostering consumerism it becomes important to ask if we can, or indeed should, think of design in another way. "  Stuart Walker (2014) in Designing Sustainability