Things of London Design Festival '11

Although this is a couple weeks late,  it's never too late to quickly mention couple nice things at London Design Festival. The Birdwatching Group (yes, as in 'chick') is a platform for women graphic designers world-wide, aiming to make them visible in the profession, share and recognise work and achievements.  Through Birdwatching I attended Designer's Walk, a great networking event visiting designers' studios. I had a very particular reason for attending - meeting Lucienne Roberts, author of book "Good: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design " - the book I came across researching on my Masters and thought me "Good design is not about design ideas, but about Life ideas",  which influences my practice to this day.  After an inspiring chat and peeking around her studio, it only made sense she signed my copy!

At Designer's Block, I met a very cool duo of 'boys from the country' as they put it - and that to me is what makes their practice fresh.  Their work stood out to me from the distance, for the most organic and raw in the room. Jailmake are a transdisciplinary studio and "pride themselves on craftsmanship and sustainable, locally sourced material choices.... aim to use in house resources as much as possible, employing local crafts-people and using, where possible, recycled and recyclable materials." (YES!) Projects like Reseeding Bricks and a Wedgetable, they brought the simple life to the city and I would certainly be up for a collaboration with them.  And what an awesome workshop/studio!