To The Roots

Although "creativity" is not so much a requirement for the way I make a living, it is more the way of living, anyone who must keep creativity sparkling might agree that morning inspiration pretty much sets the ground for the day.
This  ritual is not always so fruitful, but today I have been so lucky to run into much needed inspiration, that speaks directly to (insert pun here) the roots of my practice.
This is the work of artist Bryan Nash Gill to be published under the book “Woodcut” (Princeton Architectural Press)


He rescues wood from fallen trees in Connecticut and prepares blocks from which, through a print, he transfers the intricate designs from tree to paper.  "Amplifies the events in the life of a tree: lightning strikes, burgeoning burls, insect holes and, of course, the aging process, evidence of which radiates out in transfixing patterns."
So I will just be gazing into these as I bring myself back to the roots.