more on riding a greener wave

Fiberglass alternatives are blooming.  The eco-concious use of materials for riding sports is bound to take over, as those who ride are in tune with their natural surroundings.Ride on.

What happens to the wood floor when they have to be replaced? For example basketball courts? In the case of the court at Virginia State University court, the maple planks were recycled - they've been remade into skateboards by Glide Skateboards.  The result is unique very cool boards, which can be recycled again into ex: furniture. "We believe it's time to stop depending on our mother earth for resources and to start co-depending with her for a sustainable future. We put love and soul into every board we make and hope it resonates in the rider."

SuperGreen Boards manufactures eco-friendly custom longboards, slalom, and speedboards out of bamboo.