LEAD Academy, Berlin / facilitation design thinking

Collaborated with LEAD Academy in Berlin to deliver a intro to 'Think Like A Start-up' using design thinking tools and methods to a group of participants from corporate organisations and NGOs.   The objective as part of a longer LEAD Academy programme was to introduce to participants new practical tools and methods they can apply in creative problem solving within their teams.  Participants tried out field research including interviews and observation on the streets of Berlin, quick prototyping including role play and storytelling techniques to explain their final prototype idea.

"Startups have built a vast body of knowledge and experience in dealing with uncertainty and change. By complementing creativity with discipline, focus and curiosity, they are a major force in redesigning industries. However, the success factors are not limited to tech businesses. As leaders in other industries, civil society and the public sector are facing a fast paced and interconnected world, they can apply approaches and strategies of startups just as well.

Think like a Startup aims to transfer approaches used by startups into other contexts. Building upon the insights made in hubs like San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Dublin and Berlin, we look into the black box of startup success and help participants to experience entrepreneurial mindsets and practices first hand."