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Research workshop n.4
Local businesess participating Saves The Date Cafe and The Golden Company

Hosted at Saves The Date Cafe, London

This workshop happened more impromptu than previous ones given its intimate scale.  I took a different approach for this workshop as it was set in the space of one of the initiatives participating - Save The Date Cafe. 
The intention was to explore the question:  how can the “Design for Communication” Tool step out of the artificial workshop environment?  How does the tool and workshop work in their own space and environment?

Local sustainable food businesses participating:
Save The Date Café is a successful case study in the media part of The Real Junk Food Project, a volunteer base run café operating only on donated food surplus.
The Golden Company is a social enterprise of honey production supporting entrepreneurial skills for young people with a stall in Borough Market.

It was outdoors at safe the date café, on a Friday end of day.  The space setup was the similar to the previous setup, two food initiatives in two groups each with its own participants.  Small groups work in a different dynamic than the larger groups seen in workshop 2.  There is an intimacy that is different between participants and collaboration become clearer.  Smaller number of participants also means that there is equal contribution between everyone involved. 
Saves the date had an advantage of being in their own space because they could exemplify things by pointing at them in their own space. The disadvantage to this was once the café got busy towards end of day, saves the date participants became more agitated with time.  However the place of leading the workshop is proven to be key to inspiration and collaboration and it was interesting to see how the tool could become useful depending on what context it is used in.  Golden Company brought samples of their products, flyers and materials for the group to look at, which somewhat made up for the fact they were not in their home territory.


Evaluation 3 months later
Golden Company inspired by the workshop adapts some of the workshops methods to their own creative sessions with the young people in the social enterprise.  They applied one of the outcomes of the workshop around personalising each product that is made by a young person.
“What I did do, was the personalizing for instance, when we gave the young people examples of other types of things […] that message was something they picked up on around the personalizing.”  Post-workshop interview 3 months

Saves the Date Cafe
“One thing led to another and your thought process was quite structured I guess, so any ideas that you had before you could see the reasons behind it.”
Post-workshop interview 3 months