Unsettled, Indonesia / design thinking applied to life

Indonesia, 2017
Workshop on design thinking applied to life designed and facilitated for Unsettled, a start-up providing community experiences for people in a transition stage of life.  It was designed based on a simple design thinking process and on the Balinese belief system.  It applies a philosophy of Design Dharma.

Balinese spirituality is a mixture of Hindu and indigenous traditions. It recognises the world we experience is a product of the interaction between the sekala and the niskala.  Sekala is the seen physical world, the surface, external, material aspects. Niskala is the invisible world, the meaning, spirit, or essential life force underlying what we can see and touch. Embracing the heart-set and mind-set of Unsettled in Bali, this session was an opportunity to self-reflect and self-design some of the challenges, questions, thoughts, ideas you might be brewing lately.  In this creative relaxed session I applied a facilitated design process inspired and adapted to the Niskala and Sekala.  
For this, we took participants somewhere off the tourist map (you won’t find much on Google). Bindu is a village close to Ubud where the local community takes care of a sacred field for generations, now called Bindu Healing Center.  It is believed the “unseen people” inhabit this special land where the sick come to get well and where Agni Hotra ceremonies are held (Agni means Fire, Hotra means Healing).  It is also a medicinal garden where healing herbs are grown through a permaculture process.  

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