alkimiya / community design

2015, London
Also known as the London Wednesday Dinners.  A co-creation with Abby Schlageter.

We refer to this experiment as a human particle collider.  These dinners defined the physics of collective thought and kinship.  A series of 29 dinners over 2015 that happened on alternative Wednesdays.  

Bringing together a semi-curated community of people engaged in thinking towards sustainable futures across technology, art, design, nature.  Semi-curated because, initially the first dinners of 6-8 people were curated - we invited people that we really wanted to engage in conversation with.  The dinners then grew organically, by one person referring another, to up to 30 people.  This project brought together over 200 people who initially were strangers to each-other. 
The dinner was semi-structured and we facilitated the process of discovery.  Various formats were experimented and used various prompts to kickstart conversations around the theme.  A theme was always a constant, however malleable enough to allow for conversation to mould it.  The creative dinner was recorded through a paper table cloth where people would write their thoughts, inspirations, questions.  A potential exhibit of this documentation is in the works as to benefit a wider community on the insights shared during dinner.