Location independent practice means;
We live local & global. We create projects in person & remotely. We design with a global worldview.

Going to where great clients and projects are
is to immerse in the local challenges
& to contextualise the design approach chosen.


How might we collaborate?

Projects might range in duration of a couple weeks to year long engagements.  
Some projects are discreet to clients but here is an overview.

Design focus areas

// Design research
Expertise in human-centred methodology for fieldwork and analysis of insights.

// Facilitation of co-creation workshops
Applying sustainability frameworks for impact
Expertise in design thinking frameworks

// Multimodal communications
Strategy for brand or service development
Creative content development
Concept for interaction and experience design

// Communication Assembly
Service for businesses seeking to develop a story of impact
Partnerships with accelerator programs - write to us here

If you are working on this areas, very curious to learn more. 
Futures foresight & sustainable brands
Community-driven innovations
Artificial Intelligence & storytelling

great people, great projects



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