Stories of Positive Impact / Lisbon

Research workshop n.5
Featuring local businesses Casal Hortelao, PedeSalsa
Hosted at BAR Agency, Lisbon
July 2015

For some time I had looked into hosting a session in my home country Portugal to test the “Design for Communication” Tool in a different language and context. 
This workshop was different from the others to date as the participants were expert designers and brand strategists.  The intention was to understand to what extent the tool functions used by designers and non-designers, and to also gather some informed critique in order to develop it further.  The main challenge in this workshop was the language barrier, as I decided to translate the cards into Portuguese, meaning of words can be difficult to match precisely.

Evaluation 3 months later
PedeSalsa established a new connection and collaborated with a designer from BAR agency [where the workshop was holsted] who was at the time doing a Masters in Digital Strategy at Hyper Island.  He took PedeSalsa to be his case study in digital strategy and has since then developed a project to them to grow the online presence.

Casal Hortelao is re-structuring the business model.
“...they focused on how we tell our story to the world and how we should value our business itself more, not just the organic farming. “
“Sometimes it is also god to receive positive feedback when things are not going the way we would like them to, but actually, people notice we are doing some good things and that is what's important.”