Stories of Sustainability / San Francisco

Research workshop n.7
March 2016
With local businesses LoomGrown, Fine & Rare, Lucid Selections
Hosted at The Red Vic of The Embassy Network

This workshop was the first test of the prototype tool "design for communication" [still to be re-named].  

The local businesses taking part were:
LoomGrown is a kit for growing food at home in sync with a phone app and supported by the community of users.
Fine & Rare is local restaurant with small batch production and sourcing sustainable fisheries.
Lucid Selections is a source for natural wines looking to bring information and storytelling on how wine is made to consumers through technology.

It was open to a wide public through twitter and facebook, shared with communities of designers and groups engaged in social and environmental impact.  Also shared with the Embassy Network’s own community and posted on their website.  It was a range of backgrounds, for example people engaged in the local food network, startups working in technology for transparency and supply chain, design students.

Diferent to previous workshops it focused more on what happens after the workshop interaction, to understand what is the disperse influence of the workshop and tool on the participants?  This version of the prototype tool introduced a component for participants take way with them:  the “brief to self” section.  It is intended to help assess the impact post the workshop, in terms of how their communications have developed, and how the qualities of sustainability are represented.

Some of the questions this iteration of the prototype explored:
How can impact be measured more affectively? What changes for them?
How to get participants to add their own content?
How to get participants to write their “brief” and follow up on that.


Workshop ground support by Analise Roland of Frank Land Management
Videography and assistance by California College of Arts graduates Adam Lukasik & Will Felker