UAL Futures / design research

London, 2015

Design research and workshop facilitation for Platform UAL Futures.  worked with over 150 students, staff, alumni and creative industry partners on a research and co-design project exploring ways we can support digital creativity at UAL. 

We designed a series of workshops with the aim of;
- Exploring and identifying themes in the current digital skills and learning landscape.
- Identifying the needs and behaviors of students in relation to digital skills. 
- Mapping students’ creative journeys and ways they access and apply digital technology.
- Bringing students and creative professionals together to share insights, ideas and come up with solutions to the challenge of improving digital skills.
- Exploring how outcomes might be developed into income generating enterprise opportunities to enable UAL Futures to become sustainable.
- The project had input from over 150 students, staff, alumni and creative professionals. In workshops we were also joined by speakers from the creative industries and education including the Tate, Hyper Island, Hirsch and Mann, General Assembly and UAL.

Responding to student’s needs, behaviors and challenges, these are our findings, along with recommendations for ways UAL can approach the delivery of new content, services and experiences. 

Output: UAL Futures Learn Report
Collaboration with designer Miriam Ribul and Luke Whitehead, UAL Futures Project Lead.