Joana frequently participates in speaking engagements, conferences and panels. Imparting insights from her experience as a designer with a global practice, academic contributions and field research projects.

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House of Beautiful Business, Lisbon, 2018

In the age of exponential technology, designers seek a higher meaning to their work and look inwards as much as outwards. Designers need tools and frameworks to cultivate their inner lives in order to reap the rewards of adding soul to the machine. The transition of the design discipline from a service-based to an an attitude-based practice lays the foundations for a new paradigm; design dharma.  Drawing on the etymological meaning of the word, we bring into play a higher sense of duty, purpose and reason for being. History has shown us a number of designer manifestos expressing their respective desires to find fulfilment in work that contributes to social or environmental challenges. The contemporary landscape however points to a new kind of fulfilment - their internal human spirit. Let us discover the poetics beyond the machine. What is the spiritual background to your practice?

Photography Joao Nogueira

While many designers focus on convenience and efficiency in creating user-friendly experiences, her pursuit goes further: what is the relationship between designers' inner lives and their practice in the world? At the House of Beautiful Business 2018, she shared her findings and personal design principles.

Our Oceans Summit, Bali Indonesia, 2018


Revision, Berlin, 2018

Where future technologies meet social change.
How do we reach a more human-centric and purpose driven society in the digital age?

Fundamental changes in design are necessary in a world that is experiencing changes at a exponential level. In this topic, we will explore how we can redesign systems to move past just sustainability and being to design holistically. We will tackle the history of sustainability in design philosophy, what role we play at an individual and systemic level and explore our imagination for the future. We will explore themes around design philosophy, sustainability, our economy and technology.


Disruptive Innovation Festival, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, London, 2017

‘Design as a empowerment’ keynote

Sharing my PhD research in which I created a design tool to empower small business to communicate qualities of sustainability in order to make impact. In this talk shared thoughts how the designer’s role shifting from being the expert on design more into being facilitator or enabler. Nowadays everyone can be a designer, and the difference often is that a professional designer is the one creating the methods and tools so that anyone can be a problem-solver aka everyday designer.
Designer is an agent of change that wants to empower people to make the impact. Designers often share one quality that is ‘care’. Designers are interested in making other people flourish in order to design. With that care also comes an understanding that “everyone is an expert of their own experience”, hence everyone brings value to the process.

Royal Society of Arts, London, 2016


World Design Summit, Montreal Canada, 2017


Creative Mornings, London, 2017

At Creative Mornings under the theme Moments, she will unravel a series of epiphanies emerged out of commitment to a four-year solo research project with 20 start-ups across 3 continents. The conundrum of research as a mesearch: the process of design and the process of becoming.



I support the Women's Speaking Initiative by Adam Smiley, my mentorship by Sarah Peck.